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September 23, 2015, 12:33 pm
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A couple of months go I had a CTA.   My cardiologist’s nurse actually covered it with me over the phone.  The bypasses looked good and most everything else looked great.  That’s the reason I was sent to the phsiocardiologist.  Maybe something electrical was causing the irregular heart beat.

Anyway, the only thing that was a possible cause of concern was a little dot on my left lung. They suggested I talked to my PCP.  So I did.  3.5mm.  Guidelines suggest to just keep an eye on anything under 4.0mm.  So that’s what my doc and I are going to do.

I’ve known the guy for over 23 years.  We’re pretty good pals.  He was looking at the CTA and asked about the 3 arteries showing +70% clogged.  “Severe”.

I didn’t know.  Nobody talked to me about that.  He said, he wasn’t sure how to interpret the test results, but strongly recommended I consult with my Cardio’s office.

Well Dang! (and also sorts of other words)  I don’t want to go through that again.  So I leave a message for Linda, my Cardio’s nurse.  We’ve talked a number of times.  I have complete trust in her.

The problem is, I called her last Tuesday.  No call back.  I waited a week.  Still no call back.  Made an appointment with the Cardio yesterday, but it’s not till October 30.

Well, for the last 8 days I’ve kept thinking about 3 more clots.  The anxiety increased.  Last two days I felt little twinges in my chest.  I know it’s mind induced.  I know it.  I know it.  But there was enough doubt . . .

Anyway, I’ve been going on stress-reduction walks all day.  It helps.  Around noon, I get a call from Linda and I explain the situation.  She pulls my report.

“Ahhhh.  I understand what’s going on”

“The contrast sees the sections of the 3 arteries that were bypassed.  You’re good!”

Of course, that’s the Reader’s Digest version.  She did a really good job of calming me down with reassurances.

Whew!!!!!!  And the twinges have vanished.


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