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June 26, 2015, 4:57 pm
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I been having uncomfortable feelings in my chest for a while; 2 years maybe more. Only happens occasionally. 6 weeks ago I got scared. Heart didn’t feel right. Got dizzy. Lasted about 30 seconds. 20 seconds longer than ever before and much, much more intense. 

Went to my cardio and saw his PA. She’s a little more conservative than he is; recommended a 30-day heart monitor. Got off that last week. 

PA told me this afternoon that my blood work looked great!!!   I was also down 10 pounds.  The echocardiogram was good. The monitor looked ok

Any questions?

Yes. If I gave you 2 dates and time can you look them up?


Gave her the first timeframe.  

Kind of a frown. What’s the second time?

Big frown

She said those were the only two times she made note of. What were the symptoms?

Not tightness, but more like my heart had no room to expand and contract. Didn’t last more than 8-10 seconds. 

She said, both of those times my heart beat from the bottom to that top. It’s called V-Tach.  Can be serious. Very serious.  But neither time did it exceed 5 beats. 

She wants to do more tests to determine if my bypasses are ok.  

Not want I wanted to hear.  Nowhere near what I wanted to hear

I’ve been exercising really hard for the last couple of weeks.  It’s the best I’ve felt in a year.  

I really expected good news. 

Oh well. 


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