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Early Stick
April 1, 2015, 6:59 am
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I took an early, long lunch yesterday before I collaborated with my co-worker.  It was sunny, 85 degrees with a light breeze.  After the chilly, wet winter and spring, it was just too nice to stay inside.  So I worked via phone contact.

I have an ‘island’ in my front yard.  It’s an elevated oval 20+ feet wide and 12+ feet deep.  I have a couple of bushes in the back of the island and I usually decorate the front of it.

But . . .

Before I started planting, I dug it out and put a weed screen down.  Took over an hour even though a lot of what I moved was mulch.  Finally got it done and done right.  That always takes  little longer.  I have planters that I put in the island. Right now there are 5 of them, all filled with marigolds.  I have another 7 that I’ll fill up when my local nursery has a sale on flowers that I like.

The addition to the island this year is a bird feeder.  I put it up Monday.  Yesterday I put 80 pounds of polished rocks at the base of the feeder.  That added some much needed color and between the weed screen and the rocks hopefully I won’t have any growth from the bird seeds.  I was wondering when the birds would find the feeder.  If all that chattering around me as I worked on the island was any indication, they know it’s there.

Will is back living with us.  He called Alex the other night and said, No questions, just come get me.”  He walked into the house with both arms bleeding from longs jagged scratches.  Seems his girlfriend got into a fight with him.

He brought his stuff with him which means I have 4 dogs, 2 ferrets and now 2 cats.

Will started work today.  He’s a cook and The Egg And I.  Left the house at 04.30 to be at work at 05:00.  I don’t think he’ll cause any problems, he’ll be too tired.   🙂

I do have to go to Sam’s today:  Two fifty pound bag of dry dog food, 48 cans of Alpo, 16 pound box of dog bones and . . . . hmmm, I wonder if Sam’s carries a 200 pound box of cat litter??????


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Sam’s loves when you come. I’m sure the buggy will contain much more than what you listed.

Comment by Fran

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