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Sticking It
March 31, 2015, 1:44 pm
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Sunny and 87. Absolutely gorgeous. 

My company announced a retirement incentive earlier this year. Today is the last day for everyone taking it.  

I was so close. So very close, but just couldn’t.  But man, was it tempting. 

The following will fit in if you just bear with me. 

My upper management blows on the wind. 5 years ago:  work from the house as much as you can, please. (That way we can use shared cubicles.). A lot of people took them up on that offer. 

2 years ago: we need all those people who work at home to start working from their offices.  A lot of people had to take them up on that offer. 

This year:  we’re kind of running out of office space so you can work from house.  BUT you have to come into a company building once a week. We prefer it to be your office, but not required. 

Latest logic:  so we can collaborate with our co-workers.  My co-workers are in Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon, California….. which bring me to Steve. 

He’s my co-worker.  Live in San Diego.  Has a boat. Has sailed all over. 

He took the offer.  He’s gone!!!!!

So….. What do you do when a fellow teammate retires?  Yep, you make it a company event and toast him. 

My company messaging status:  unavailable – celebrating Steve’s last day. 

So….. Here I am at my local sports bar at 14:00 drinking a beer with Steve……remotely.  After all, it’s the thought that counts.


Sometimes that thought is:  occasionally, you have to stick it to the man. 🙂


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