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Wonder If She Would Give Me A Raisin
January 29, 2015, 1:25 pm
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Sunny.  80.  Cold front comes through tomorrow.

The bulk pickup guys are going to be busy tomorrow.  I cut back several of my trees and bushes and all the trimmings are set out.

I posted what I thought was a supportive thought on somebody’s blog.  Got ripped by a mental health care professional.

His response consisted of 3 “Don’t”, 2 “Do Not’s” and was confrontational.  In addition, “That’s doesn’t work.”  Two sentences later, “Glad it worked for you.”    And there was more.

I’m thinking, what kind of counselor posts negative, confrontational, and mixed messages on somebody’s timeline who’s going through a hard time?  I’m going to leave it alone.  But dang . . .

My brother-in-law plays bass for some pretty big names in Blues music when they come through Dallas.  Usually it’s south of downtown which is a very long way from where I live so I don’t go.  But Saturday he’s going to watch a guy that’s playing relatively close.  I’m thinking seriously about dropping by.  I know he’ll be invited on stage.  Weather calls for 38 and raining.  We’ll just have to see.

So . . . I’m at the store  little while ago.  Two younger moms.  One of them is pushing a stroller with two boys, the sons of each of the moms.  The 3(?) year old leans down and bites the crap out of the 2 1/2 year old.  Lots of crying!.  The 3 yr.’s mom leans down and says, “Do you bite him?”

(Obviously, this has happened before)

The kids say lots of stuff, but never a yes or a no.  2 minutes later the mom decides what to do.

“Let’s get you some raisins.”

?      ?     ?     ?

No correction, no punishment, just a reward for biting the kid next to him.

I wonder if I bit the mom she would get me some raisins also?


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Next time just chomp down and see if you get a raisin or not but hope there isn’t a MH professional see you do it. Would hate to hear that critique.

Comment by Fran

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