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Management Moment
January 23, 2015, 9:03 am
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Alex had a job a car-detailing place before Christmas.  He really  like it.  Lasted 2 weeks and place shut down . . . very ungracefully.

So Alex updated his online resume.

He gets a call from a brand new car detailing shop.  He interviews and immediately gets the job.  His boss used to be a minor league pitcher, but had to quit because of a bad back.

Sound familiar?

Third day, Alex announces that the place is putting him in a management position.

“They love me.  I’m the only non-convicted felon there.”

End of week Alex is with his boss being showed how the money works, gets keys to the place.  Full morning of training.  They both head to clock out and here this bad noise coming from the area where Alex is the lead man.  Some guy who was not allowed to drive got into a new Mercedes and drove through the car wash tunnel.  The car had auto-wipers turned on.  The brush breaks the car’s wipers and leaves a big scratch in the windshield.

Alex’s boss writes up the accident reports.

His boss get it Monday.

Fire the driver!

Who was lead man?


Fire him!

(But I was training him)

You know the rules.  The driver and the lead man both get fired!

(We were clocking out)

Was Alex still on the clock?


He’s fired!.  That’s company policy.  He’s gone!  Conversation is over!

He came home Monday very down.  He was making an OK salary, but said the tips were way better than when he was tending bar.

We’ll see what happens from here.


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Sorry to hear that…..

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