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Plantar Fasciitis
January 21, 2015, 9:43 am
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Last summer I changed from calf high socks to ankle high. I was concerned about circulation issues during 2-3 hours walks run.

Everything went great until I started running in September. The inside of both ankles started to bother and became progressively more bothersome.

So I took some time off during the holidays. That helped the discomfort some, it started back up the same time I started exercising again.

I moved from walking to stationary bikes. That also helped, but limited my exercise to the gym.

A couple of weeks ago all my ankle socks were in the laundry room so I put on the calf high and went walking.

I could tell a significant change in the way my ankles felt. Been wearing the higher socks and I can now get out of bed without having to stretch my tendons first.


I’m going to buy a bunch of $2.00 calf- high socks at Walmart and sell them on EBay as $75.00 as “Relief from Plantar Fasciitis foot wear”.

My next blog will be from the Bahamas Figure with all the money in going make, might as well work from the beach.


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