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French Class
November 10, 2014, 3:23 pm
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Chilly mornings, warm afternoon for a couple of more days

The story of 3 girls in my 300 level French Class.

1) The girl who sat behind me. Dated Baylor’s starting quarterbck. Incredibly good looking. Once picked her out all the way across the campus. (True story) I used to have long hair; 6-7 inches below my shoulders but kind of flipped up at then end. She used to stroke me hair and whispered, “I sure wish my hair looked like yours.” Anyway, the only French I used the whole year was a shivering whispered, “Oui. Oui. Oui.” And it’s a good thing I already knew that word.

2) The girl who sat next to me. Another really good looking lady. Never . . . never . . . ever replied to my morning greetings. Eventually gave up. And then we had a wine and cheese tasting day in class. She pretty much stuck to the wine. After the 3’rd small glass, she became friendly, acutally way beyond friendly. The prof and I kept her after class for a while to make sure she could drive home. One of her friends came looking for her. We explained what was going on while she was still hanging on me. Her friend offered to take her explaining that she had no tolerance for alcohol (no kidding) and was very, very married. Sheesh! But, kind of explained why she embarrassedly ingored me the rest of the semester.

3) The girl who sat in the front row of the third aisle. Once again, super good looking. Black girl about 5′ 3″ 110 pounds who wore tank tops to class. Here’s a needed background – the building we were in had really, really bad AC. Always extremely hot. You know, August in Texas. Anyway, between the Oui’s, and being ignored by girl number 2, I kind of kept my eye on girl #3. I did that for 4-5 classes, then just kept shaking my afterwards. Prof asked a question. She raised her hand to answer; arm way up high. Sheesh! She didn’t shave under her arms. And it wasn’t like she was a light haired blonde. Remember the big, bushy Afros? Yep, exaclty what it looked like . . . execpt she had perspiration dripping from the end of her pit hair whenever her arm went up.

Hardest A I ever earned.


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