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Seeing Red
November 5, 2014, 3:40 pm
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Been sprinkling for 30 hours now.  The rain is nice but . . .

Actually sunny and 75 tomorrow.  I can hang on a little while longer.

Don’t normally talk politics, but I was glad to see the change.  I consider myself a conservative independent, however that means I have more Republican tendencies than Democratic.

Maybe, just maybe we’ll become more fiscally responsible.  I hate thinking of the debt that we’re leaving my son and his children.

I was hot on horse racing for a couple of days, but lost some bucks today.  Think I’ll go back to football and basketball.

Been having a little trouble with my weight for the last month.  Up 8 pounds.  Doesn’t sound like much, but I worked hard to get down to where I was.  So . . . back t putting in some extra miles.  10 yesterday, 7.5 today, a whole lot more tomorrow.  Of Friday so I’m going to live in the gym for 3 days.

Not unusual for me to have trouble sleeping, but it’s been pretty bad for that some month.  Fell asleep early.  Slept extremely well.  Woke up fell good with my tail all bushy.

Unfortunately it was 03:45 am.  Furtively laid in bad for an hour.  Gave up.  Petted my Shepherd and Wolf for almost an hour.  Finally got ready and walked into work at 05:45.  Felt pretty good until I sat down and wrote this blog.  The eyelids are getting heavy.


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