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Was That Gilligan
November 4, 2014, 1:59 pm
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Rainy Election Day, but that didn’t keep me from voting for the next governor of Texas.

My brother lives in Thailand.  He had another one of his ‘adventures’.

Being retired, my brother spends much if his time enjoying his favorite activity – fishing.  Now he does in the Gulf of Thailand.  We’re simple folk, my brother and I, so instead of a boat, he simply floats out into the gulf on his inner tube as he’s done numerous times.

Except . . .

…… this time a sudden monsoon kicked up.  Sheets of rain and winds with 60 mph gusts blew him away from shore.  You can’t fight mother nature, so he just hung on to his tube literally for his life.

He figured he was being blown towards some islands that he had visited.  An hour later, they were nowhere in sight.  The 16 foot waves were still pounding him.

Next set of islands should show up soon.

Nope, and now it’s gotten dark.  The rain suddenly stopped, likewise the winds so my brother finds himself in the middle of nowhere cold, alone with no land is sight.  But his biggest concern is that’s he’s in the shipping lanes to Bangkok.  Sharks inhabit that area feeding off the trash tossed from ships.

Completely dark.  Far off is a light coming his way.

Hollering, screaming, splashing, the pilot of a fishing boat sees my brother and rescues him.

They fish the rest of the night and drop off my brother when they dock.  Turns out he was only about 10 miles from where he lives.  Flagged down a scooter and rode back to apartment……still clinging to his inner tube.


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Another “Clark” adventure. You all sure have them.
Glad he is safe and sound.

Comment by Fran

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