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Long Day
October 27, 2014, 9:44 am
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Incredibly nice weather. A little cooler starting tomorrow, but warm days and moderate nights through Halloween.

I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything in a month (which is another story) so I decided to try a bar I’ve never been to. Set to leave at 11:30 to I could watch the 12:00 football game. Walked out to my car and found that Alex left a bunch of Wendy’s garbage from when he used my car on Saturday. Unlocked my car, reached in grabbed the trash and started to throw it away. But my neighbors stopped me to invite us to a Halloween party. We talked for a couple of minutes then I went in the house.

I started to put the Wendy’s in the garbage can when this really bad feeling came over me . . . key!!!!!!! I gently put the Wendy’s bag on top of the trash and heard a sound of metal dropping through the can.


Checked my pockets. Checked the car. Checked the path from the car to the trashcan.

#$@$@%&%&$ Nope, no keys.

Back to the trashcan. Guess that metal sound was my key dropping to the bottom of the can.

Sigh . . . .

What did I do after my five mile walk and taking a shower so I could go out???? Yep, I emptied my kitchen pantry of all the old stuff. Can is full of a bunch of well past-life stuff. I carefully move everything from the can to a spare liner. Went all the way to the bottom. Some bottle caps, but no key. Sooooo, I go through the trash again a little more carefully. Nope. No key. No spare key.

Google’d keys made from VIN number. Yep, it can be done. Called the closest locksmith. They were more than happy to help. $180 plus tax. Thanks!!!


Time to go through the trash again. Took the top piece from the can put it in the liner. Picked up an old microwave popcorn bag . . . started to put that in liner also . . . but . . . that voice in my head goes off again.

Opened up the bag . . . yep, inside was my car key.

Went to the bar. Bought a round for everyone. That would be Frank and the bartendress. (Wasn’t very crowded.)

Watched the game and reminded the Michelle (bartendress) to have her shot. Said she would later She works from 10:00am till close at midnight, then has to cleanup.

And I thought I had a long day.


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