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Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign
October 17, 2014, 9:40 am
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Mid-50 mornings to 80 degree afternoons.  My favorite time of year.

Cardinals lost in the NLCS last night.  They just didn’t play well enough to win.  At least KC made it to the World’s Series.

I lost two bets last night; Hokies didn’t quite play good enough and the Jets played too good.  Fortunately, I wasn’t confident and only wager $3 total.

Last year about this time, Alex and his friend Josh applied at Toys ‘R Us.  They applied at the store in Allen which is just north of us.  Josh got hired, Alex didn’t.  Josh lasted almost a week on the job.

Anyway, Alex gets a call from the Toy’s HR hiring manager on Wednesday.  Can he be at the store at 2:00pm Thursday.  Well, sure he can.  Gets to the interview 5 minutes early and asks for the hiring manager.  The store owner happened to be there.  Young guy in his 30’s.  Alex explains what’s going on.

The guy makes a phone call. The HR hiring manager works out the Toys in Frisco about 15 miles away.  Alex explains to the guy that the HP person didn’t tell him which store so he assumed that it was at the store where he submitted the application.  My son then asks to speak to the HR person to explain what happened and could he postpone the interview 30 minutes so he can drive to Frisco.  The Allen owner gets back on the phone and goes . . . . uh uh . . . uh uh . . . uh uh . . . OK, thanks.

Turns to Alex and informs him the HR manager isn’t in the office today.

Alex if pretty disheartened and a bit disgusted.  He thanks the owner and starts to walk away.

The owner feels bad for my son and asks him to go back into his office.  They begin to talk.

The owner went to Richland college.  Alex went to Richland college.

The owner pitched on their baseball tea.  Alex pitched for their baseball team.

The owner played for the Grand Prairie Air Hogs.  Alex tried out for the Air Hogs.

(signs, signs, everywhere a sign)

The owner said he’d talk to the HR manager and get him assign to his store in Allen.


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