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September 16, 2014, 7:18 am
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Slowly warming to the low 90’s today and tomorrow then cloudy and a little cooler the rest of the week.

We have a chance of rain starting tomorrow and going through the weekend. Why all the chances?  Seems like there is a hurricane, technically it’s a typhoon, heading into northwestern Mexico.  That’s bringing a lot of clouds our way.  Hence the chance of rain.

Got some things going on, but it’s too early to blog about them.  I’ll keep my blog update.

Regardless of how things turn out, good things are already happening.  You know how I’m always talking about weight?  Well, now a have really good reason to do so.  I’ve been at 180 for too long.  That’s what I weighed yesterday morning.  Been ‘boot camp training’ ever since.   I know that only 2 days, but that’s 1/7 of my 2-week plan.

Didn’t sit down much at all yesterday.  I woke early up early, 04:30.  It was drizzling a little so I went to the club.  Did 4.19 miles on the treadmill.  3.56 miles at lunch and 2.83 after work.  In between I mowed the front yard, cleaned – really cleaned- the kitchen, cleaned out the cat box and ferret cage, 4 loads of clothes.  Stay active till after 17:00.  Laid down early, 19:15 which just happened to be the start time of Monday night football.

I was pooped, but that didn’t matter to the wolf or my shepherd.  We played through the first half.  we all dosed off at 1/2 time.   Unfortunately, the wolf woke up mid-way through the second half.  I finally put them outside at 22:00.

Slept pretty good till 04:30 this morning.  No drizzling so I walked/jogged outside.  I went 5.18 miles in 1:14:34.  That’s 14:24 / mile.  Not too bad considering i went over 10 mikes yesterday.

So what am I getting at?

I want to average a 1 pound per day weight loss.  Yep, 165 before the end of September.  But this time I’m going to make it.  Most of it due to the things I’m not talking about it yet.  Let’s just say I have a lot of outside motivation.

So here goes.

09/15/14 @ 04:30 = 179.9

09/16/14 @ 04:30 = 176.7   (172.6 after the run)

The blog is going to be spotty for a while. Pretty much going to spend all my time walking or lifting or core workout.  ‘Cause it’s not just weight, it’s dropping some inches and firming some areas up.


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You s sound like a man determined. Will be interesting to finally hear what those things are you aren’t talking about. Hummmmmm……

Comment by Fran

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