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My Native American Name
September 9, 2014, 7:26 am
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Cooler this week with an incredible Thursday forecasted.

Ok. I’m old. Lots of downside to aging. But there is a bright side. I get to be grouchy. In fact, it’s expected. So keep that in mind as you continue reading.

I really hate political correctness. There’s no such thing as the right not to be offended. This is America. You’re free to be offended about anything you want.

Anyway, a friend of mine was going through his yearly check of personal information for his employer.

Gender is still the same.
Birthday hasn’t changed
Ethnicity???????? Hmmmmmm

He had marked White, but noticed a wording change. 4’th one listed was, “Native American”. Used to be American Indian.”

My friend was born in the US. As were both his parents, and 4 grandparents, an his 8 grandparents. Sounded like a change was in order.

Ethnicity=Native American

Seems HR actually reads these things. My friend responded to an inquiry about the change.

He explained he wasn’t an American Indian, but he was a Native American because he was born here.

HR replied using the word ‘indigenous’

He replied with the Oxford dictionary’s definition of the word. Not only was my friend native, he was indigenous also.

Email talked about ancestry. His response, at least 3 generations of his forebearers were native to America

HR is taking his change under advisement.

Personally, i would prefer everyone in this country to refer to themselves as just, Americans. But I think Native American could wind up being a unifying term for us (US)

And until my friend here’s back from HR, I’d like for y’all to use my Native American name – Gary.


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So is the proper greeting when meeting “Gary”…. How or Hello??

Like you – I am old – I am grumpy and I have days that being politically correct is hard. Some of my problems are things I’ve lived thru, life, experiences and I will admit that at times I’m not good about being correct. Hopefully people will just shake their head and excuse the poor old dumb woman. (and I’m not offended by those terms – they fit at times)

Comment by Fran

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