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Rock ‘n Roll…. Minus the Rock
August 19, 2014, 10:14 am
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Mid 70’s to upper 90’s till the weatherman can’t see no more.

I bought 2 pairs of walking running shoes a couple of weeks ago.  My normal Asics and a pair of Brooks.  Never owned a Brooks, but they have extra padding and I like the way they felt.

The only problem is, with the extra padding comes a slightly thicker sole.  That results with me occasionally stumbling when I drag my foot a little.  Usually happens when on my forward step.

Which is exactly what happened again yesterday.  I was walking on some sticky carpet and I didn’t pick my foot up enough before I landed it.   Happened before, but . . .

this time I knew I was going down.

and then . . .

The pre-fall slow motion  kicked in.  Think Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes.

 I saw the fall before it happened and actually decided on the following steps:

1) Toss the phone in my left hand away from the impact area.

2) Tuck my right shoulder.

3)  Roll smoothly

4) Get my feet under me.

5) Stand up to complete the roll.

Followed my plan.  Tossed, tucked, rolled, stood.  1 fluid motion.

Not bad for somebody who tripped over their own foot.   🙂




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Sounds like you stuck the “landing”. The Virginia judges scores a 9.7 🙂

Comment by Fran

I had the same thought as Fran, but I was going to give you a 10.0 as long as you pointed your toes.
PS: How much work are you getting done today?

Comment by Tricia

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