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Just Another Manic Monday
August 18, 2014, 8:36 am
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78 going to 99. Ditto for the next 6 days

Rained both Saturday and Sunday. Very nice weekend.

I was kind of upset that there was 1 piece of chicken left of the $60 dollars that I purchased Saturday afternoon . . . and that piece was eaten while I was showering.

So I went to BWW’s. I was seated at a table . Less than 3 minutes later I was asked to move to a booth to make room for a large party. No problem at all. I open the menu and this incredible mouthwatering picture of Ghost Pepper Wings on an insert fell out.

Is was an . . . insert.

There was also a card sitting on the table – – – Try our Ghost Pepper wings!

OK, you got me hooked.

I’ll have the Ghost Pepper wings.

“Sorry, we don’t sell them anymore.”

OK, not going to ruin ny already shaky day, I ordered the Atomic wings.

Drank a margarita with the wings, but my eyes keep going back to the inset. It also has a picture of a Ghost Pepper daiquiri. I don’t drink daiquiri. Heck, had to look up how to spell it.

But . . .

It looked so good.

So . . .

I’ll have a Ghost Pepper daquiri.
“Sorry, we don’t have any of that liquor. Would you like another margarita?”

Yes I would.
I would also like a to-go box.
And please have your manager drop my.

I had a nice little talk to Mike. Very easy going saying, you need to have the items that you advertise . . . especially when they are advertised on insert, not the actual menu.

Mike agrred and said, “I’m not making excuses, but . . . ”

Then he started down the Excuse boulevard.

I interrupted him. Thanked him for listening. And went next door to give Matt’s a try. Huge margatias, but had a bitter flavor to them. So I added a little Orange
Liqueur. By the time the third one arrived, I had the recipe down pretty good.

I occasionally go out with a lady who’s in the same, “No Relationship” situation. We go out, we have a good time. I drop her off and leave.

The last couple of non-dates I was invited in.

It comforable the first time; a drink and a movie.
It was more comfortable the second time; a little physical, but nothing serious at all.
Thursday we went out to eat. Really great Italian place. But something was missing. Friendly, but no undertones of sexual tension, no hint of electricity.

She invited me to watch a movie, then sat there with her legs tightly crossed and both arms intertwined across her chest.

Doesn’t take a phych degree to interpret that body language.

So we sat there and tried to watch Anna Karenina. I’m not much of an artsy guy, but I can usually figure out symbolism and such. But this one went way past my ability to appreciate the numerous, twirls ans swirls before I sit, scenes.

The move left me cold, and there was nothing there that even resembled a warming flame, so I excused myself and left. My little ‘tease’ kiss goodnight went for naught.

We’ll probably go out again, but I’m pretty sure I’m just walking her to the door. Outside that door, I’m pretty sure I know what to do. Inside that door . . . I get confused . . . very confused.


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Game playing….. What a shame at any age but certanily at ours. If you don’t know what you want at this point, will you ever know?

Reading things like this just reinforces my thoughts on being in control of me, my remote and my life.

and…. Once again, that Virterous man comes out as you will give it another shot. You’re a good egg.

Comment by Fran

Having been in the restaurant business – two times, there is no reason for a manager to go down Excuse Boulevard. Did he at least comp a drink or two?

I’ve done the legs tightly crossed and armed wrapped around me, and even sat in the only chair in the room so as not to invite someone to sit next to me. Obviously, she loves your company, who wouldn’t…. but she isn’t feeling the chemistry. Nothing wrong with a good friend of the opposite sex.

Fran is right, you are a good egg, but….. do you have one or two yolks?

Beautiful in Seattle…. and darn it, I’m still sick. I hate taking a sick day and not feeling good. That’s just wrong!

Comment by Tricia

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