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August 7, 2014, 7:08 am
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80 right now, going to 102.

Hot, right?

104 tomorrow.  Maybe a thunderstorm on Monday evening.  Other than that, 100+ for the next week.

I’m thinking of jumping on the treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness on Saturday morning.  I really struggled 2 weeks ago when the temps got this hot.  Problem is, most everybody else will have the idea and it’s hard to stay in the same place for 3 hours too. 

The stress test went well.  Really well.  2 great nurses, but then, every one of them I know is.

I did identify a weakness in my workout . . . hills.

I blogged about a hill taking its toll on me a month or 2 ago.  Well, test started with the treadmill at a pretty good angle, and only got …… anglier????? hmmmmm.  You know what I mean,

12 minute test. Top speed started at the 10 minute mark.  I had to start jogging.  I noticed the two nurses give each other a quick glance like, Yeah, he’s not going to have any problems.

Glad the test didn’t any longer than it did.  I had my shirt off the whole time….. and I can hold my stomach in for only so long.

I followed the Spicy Asian recipe I posted on Facebook.  It was really good.  They nailed the clone recipe of the Boiling Crab.  Can’t wait till crawfish season rolls around again.  Alex definitely wants me to try it again . . . real soon.





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Glad the test went well and I’m sure you impressed the nurses although they were timing that stomach holding in I’m sure….. waiting for you to blow. Nurses are like that. :)) ♡

Comment by Fran

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