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Hot Weekend
July 25, 2014, 7:42 am
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Low 80’s going to 100. Warmer both Saturday and Sunday. Cooler mid-week.

I have lots of work to do this weekend. Going to try to get a head start today even though I’m in the office this morning.

I’ve got to put some miles in today.
Trip to Sams to get dog food and drinks.
Buy some sod.
Till and plant the sod.
Several loads of clothes to wash, dry, fold and put away.
Trash is already taken out. So I’m off to a good start.

If I can get all that done, I’ll be free to go for my long Saturday walk. Going to have to get on the trails early. 101 is too hot for me to be exercising outdoor.
Saturday is also, clean my room really, really good day.

Sunday is mow, edge and trim both the front and back yards.

I watered the flowers in my front garden this morning. Amazing! They’ve tripled in size after last week’s incredible cool, wet weather.

I have a cardio appointment on Tuesday. No! Really, I do! This time I’m sure.
If I can all my work done this weekend and not drink any beer, I should be at the weight my doc is looking for.


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Trip to Sams – they will smile when they see you coming. You and both know the cart will hold more than dog food and drinks. I’m betting about $350.

Enjoy the weekend – and rest some too. The weekends are made for that.

Comment by Fran

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