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Record and (Ignorance x 2)
July 22, 2014, 11:01 am
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Hot – sunny.

Yesterday I got an IPhone message reminding me I had a Cardio visit on Tuesday @ 07:45.  I setup that reminder a couple of weeks ago so I wouldn’t forget.  Smart of me.

However . . .

Dang It!!!!!  I thought it was Thursday.  Haven’t been on the strict diet I had planned the 3 days before my visit.

So . . .

How do I lose a quick 5 pounds?


Strapped on my walking shoes and completed at 4-hour, 14.26 mile walk.  That’s real good for me, both time and distance. 

And . . .

My new shoes worked.  My feet didn’t hurt at all.

I beat my all-time distance record by 1.15 miles.  A couple of months ago I did 13.11 which is a 1/2 marathon in 4 hours and 40 minutes.  So yesterday I went 1.15 miles farther in 40 minutes less time.

OK, I’m feeling good about the cardio visit.

Got to his office at 07:20.  He’s at his other office.   Odd   VERY odd.  So  I went down the block to his other place.  Walked in and no receptionist.  Took a couple of minutes for her to show up.  She looked surprised.


After some positive interaction that I won’t go into, the bottom line is:

The Cardio’s visit is next Tuesday.




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