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Ewwww Again!
July 18, 2014, 7:29 am
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63 right now. That’s 5 degrees cooler than our lowest ever temperature for this date!

AM showers with a high of only 81. Quickly warming up to the mid-90’s starting on Sunday.

Worked from the house yesterday. I usually sneak in a little house work. Not yesterday. Very, very busy. I did get 5 loads of clothes done. Sounds like incompatible statements. Nope, all seven loads were bed clothing. 1 bedspread per load.

Still feeling a lot better. So, I have big plans for the weekend.

Long, long walk, run tomorrow followed by some serious tilling of my from yard. I’m going to tear up the lawn around the fast-expanding sod. Then I’m going to cover that area with mulch. No weeds. No dirt showing. Should make my lawn look better until the sod finishes filling in.

Even though I woke up at 01:00 this morning, I slept pretty good last night. First time in 4 nights. Coincidently, my Weim didn’t sleep with me last night. First time 4 nights.

My Golden got a lot of awwwwww’s on our way out of the groomer’s. She’s an incredibly pretty dog especially when freshly washed, cut and with purple ribbons in her hair.

I need to go to the grocery store today. I’m torn. I’m back down to 176. That’s real close to my tartget weight. Been working hard to get the number under 175. So, do I continue my weight watching or do I reward myself for doing such a good job, figuring I’m going to burn off all the extra calories this weeked?

Makes a difference of what I buy at the store.

You remember the dog poop the other day? Ewwwwww.


My Weim slept in the livingroom last night. That would be the room where I hung some clothes on a chair that I washed yesterday . . . including the jeans that I’m wearing. (OK, that was my 8’th load)

I was running late this morning. Got everything ready to go, then ran into the living room, threw on my jeans, and off to work. My car had a musty smell this morning. Not that unusual. It rained all day yesterday and I had a window cracked. Didn’t think anything more of it . . .

until I was sitting here at work, when . . .

I smelled that odor again. Odd. Then I noticed that one pant leg was still a little wet. Odd. I dried them realy good. And then . . .

I sniffed them . . .

Yep . . . my Weim had peed on my pants sometime last night.



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Ewwwww is right!!!

Enjoy the weekend.

Comment by Fran

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