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July 16, 2014, 7:35 am
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71 degrees right now. Feels like an early April morning.

Took my Golden to the vet for her annual checkup and shots. Man, it’s a good thing I love her, cause that was expensive. But, she worth it. All the tests came out good. She’s gained 5 pounds and is now up to 88.

I talked to the vet about exercising her even though her back hips give her problems at times. I didn’t get the whole question out before she said, “Use it or lose it!”

Then she continued . . .

“My husband quit exercising. He’s gained weight and now falls down and sprained things.”

Perhaps I little too much info. 🙂

I already give my Golden glucosimine (sp?) so my vet also gave (OK, sold) me some pain meds for her. I got 60 of them, twice a day for 30 days. But, my Golden’s hip don’t bother her every day. She has a good week, then for the next day or two, she limps until her back legs loosen up. So, I figure I’ll only give her meds when she exhibits symptoms.

The week continues to be busy for my Golden. I dropped her off at the groomer’s this morning. They open at 07:15. I got there at 07:20. Waited while 3 other dogs were taken back. Three other dogs arrived while I was waiting.

I thinking about getting into the dog grooming business.

The Golden gets quite a bi of exercise with the other 3 dogs, especially the wolf, but she doesn’t move around a whole lot. So starting this evening she and I go for a walk. With the cooler weather and the shoter hair, she should do OK.

3 of the dogs slept with Alex last night. I opened his door at 07:00 and immediately walked away. That keeps me from getting caught up in the stampede. I let all the dogs outside then walked back down the hallway so I could close my son’s door.

As I got closer to his room, I noticed an . . . aroma. No, a smell. Actually a stench!

One of the dogs must have had an upset stomach. Left not 1, not 2. but 3 piles of diahrrea. I woke Alex up to let him know. He went, “Uhhhhh huhhhhhh” and his head immediately hit the pillow.

So . . . .
being the good dad that I am . . .

I left his door open and the hallway light on so hopefully he’ll see the doo-doo before he steps in it.



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What a nice Dad you are……

Comment by Fran

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