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July 15, 2014, 7:34 am
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77 only going to 94 today.

Weather front came through yesterday evening. We got a nice little shower.

91 tomorrow then two amazing 70-83 days in a row. Good chance of rain both days. 83 degree highs in Texas? In mid-July? Whatever the reason . . . I LIKE it!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my ankles hurting a little bit at a 12 mile walk. Over-pronation.

It kind of kept me from my long walks for 2 weekends. Can’t have that for a number of reason including: stress relief, weight reduction, lengthy cardio elevation, etc.

So . . .

I went to a running speciality store, Run On. They took 30-40 minutes to observe, measure, and fit me. I talked with them the whole time. They repeated the same info my brother-in-law has told me. That would be my b-i-l who runs marathons and participates in Iron Mans, so I knew they knew what they were talking about. They showed me 2 shoes with added arch support. One was a Brooks that really felt good on my feet. A little stiffer than what I usually wear, but it felt right. The other was an Asics which is my favorite brand. Those shoes also felt great and was a little softer as I expected to be.

So, the choice is, which one?

Well, one of the pieces of advice that my b-i-l has mentioned and the Run On people echoed was, have two pair shoes and rotate your use of them on a daily basis. Better for your feet and will allow the shoes to last longer.

So, the choice was, both.

And that results in . . .

Me working out even more. I don’t mind spending money, but I do like to get my money’s worth. So, I’ll be on a mission.

OK, an insight I usually don’t share because people will think I’m strange . . . OK, stranger.

From the beginning of my memory I’ve always had this knack of occasionally knowing what’s going to happen. It’s a feeling I get. It isn’t always right. And sometimes the feeling comes too late – but I’ve learned to listen to it.

Here’s a little example. When I was in 9’th grade I had this dream (except I wasn’t sleeping) that I was running from a 2 storey white house with black shutters across an open field to my best friend’s house. The detail was incredible. It was like watching a movie. Everything was crystal clear.

Two years later we moved to Wisconsin. Immediately made a new best friend, Joe.

First day in the new house I ran over to Joe’s house. That would be our 2-storey white house with black shutters. And where did Joe live? Well, it was across from an open field from my house.

I got half-way across the field when I remembered that dream. Still recall the cold chills.

Anyway, as I have grown older the feelings have gotten farther apart, but I still always listen to them.

For instance, yesterday I went to Panera’s for an early lunch. The restaurant sits on a corner of a 4-way intersection within a parking lot. There was an empty spot just down from the store . . . but it just didn’t feel right. Like it was dangerous or something. I drove past it and pulled into a spot 40 feet away.

Walked into Panera’s, ordered my food, took about 8 minutes, walked out and . . .

2 groups of people discussing a little accident they just had. Seems like a guy ran the Stop sign and hit a lady who was backing out . . . of the parking spot that I passed up.

Yeah, I got that chill running through my body again yesterday.


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Good Idea on the shoes. I’ve heard the same thing – that you should rotate them. Hope they help the ankles.

Sometimes it pay to listen to what ever voices, etc are talking to us. Saved you a lot of time and enery getting a car fixed.

Comment by Fran

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