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July 14, 2014, 6:46 am
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82 going to a very hot 102.

However, a long term cool front comes through this evening leading to highs of only 90 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Extremely pleasant Thursday and Friday with highs only reaching 84. Chance of rain tomorrow through Friday evening.

Finished up the FIFA World Cup by watching Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in extra time. I usually find soccer boring . . . way too much mid-field play, but a lot of the WC games were exciting. I still won’t watch the Dallas MLS team, but I’ll be glued to Buffalo Wild Wings’ TV’s 4 years from now.

The Mavs should be a considerable better team this year. The got Tyson Chandler back which improves their defensive presence in the paint. Dallas also picked up Chandler Parsons. He’a a forward that should help Dirk open things up on the offense.

The Rangers dropped their 8’th straight getting swept in back to back series against the Astros and Angels. You know you’re rooting for a bad team when they have 2 less wins than the Cubs.

Thanks to my nephew for helping Alex fix 2 flat tires. And all it costs me was a rack of ribs and a baked potato. We both thought it was a win-win situation.

While we were eating, my nephew and I talked about his part-time work plans while he goes to welding school. He’s thinking about getting on with a Car Rescue company. He looked into and all he needs is a floor jack.

We talked about for 20 minutes.

30 minutes after he left, I get a phone call. My nephew’s back tire blew and he didn’t have his jack with him. I just left the house when he called me back saying a Car Rescue unit stopped and was helping him.

We talked about a floor jack, we talked about Car Rescue and both came into play within the hour.

My nephew and I both agree, the next time we get together . . . we talk about winning the lottery.


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