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I Don’t Need This Crap!
July 13, 2014, 10:06 am
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Ok, even I have to vent once in a while.  So just ignore this blog.


Got a call from someone that I’m under court order not to disparage, but there’s no judgment here, only observation. 


Got a call (3 of them + texts)  this morning concerning the same topic I blogged about several weeks ago – Somebody being a good parent.

This conversation continued along the same vain, how terrible Alex talked to her on her birthday last month . . . .

uhh . . . .

Her birthday is later on this month.

She’s changed so much for the better  . . .

Followed by . . .

Alex stole pain pills and sold them . . .

That would have been when he was in jr. high.

Followed by . . .

Alex has no respect for her.

(Oh, by the way, several years ago . . . I threw away over 800  old hydrocodone pills along with a multitude of other pain meds – so I know nobody was selling them)

She wants someone to “whoop Alex’s ass” and accuses him of stealing pain meds . . . and he has no respect for her.

I don’t need the crap.  I’ve taken Xanax for the last 3 weeks because of work causing me chest pains – anxiety.  Never had to do that before  . . . and now this.

I’m going to the beer store when they open at noon and getting a keg . . . anybody want to help me float it?


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You need find a big Ignore button and use it!!!

Considering how un-involved this person was with the raising and parenting of the child you have together – I don’t even see that as a connection.

You don’t need this caustic person in your life and I doubt Alex does either. I don’t see where anything positive comes from it.

Hope you found the keg and enjoyed.

Comment by Fran

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