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Almost Catless
July 10, 2014, 7:14 am
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79 to 99. 99 tomorrow. 101 through the weekend.

Been a little tired after I get home from work for about a week now. I sit down and just stay seated. However, I had a little work to do yesterday; the trimming that I blogged about yesterday. So, there I was at 15:00 with a limb cutter in my hands making sure my tree is 7 feet above the sidewalk. Didn’t even take a chance on sitting down to change into shorts. I’m out there in heavy jeans and a long sleeve black shirt. (Remember, I work in a very air conditioned computer room)

My sweat glands passed the, Do they work, test.

Took about 45 minutes to get the job done right which included dragging the limbs to the front yard so the bulk pickup guy can haul them away on Friday.

I’m actually going to cut the whole limb off so it doesn’t hang over the sidewalk again. I had to order a new chain for my chainsaw and it hasn’t arrived yet. I loaned it to a neighbor and he brought back with no teeth on the chain. I guess he was cutting concrete.

Alex had 3 of the dogs in his room, so I took advantage of that to feed my shepherd. The other dogs wolf down their food. The shepherd takes her times walking away from time to time before she finishes. She usually comes back to an empty bowl. My Weim usually has a guilty look on his face.

But I digress. Before I fed my shepherd, I filled her bowl with food and let the cat have the first opportunity of eating. And the kitty took advantage of it. I went to my room and watched the Rangers’ game . . . which they wound up losing.

Anyway . . . 10 minutes later I walked back into the kitchen and saw my shepherd inside and eating.


Guess Alex let her in.

Nope . . .

Back door was opened. She can get inside when she really wants to. 1/2 the dog bowl was empty. She’s been eating for a while. Good. . . she sometimes doesn’t eat.

So I close the door . . .

and then it hits me . . .

Where’s the cat?

Can’t find her inside. So I spend 20 minutes looking for her outside.

I came up with all sorts of excuses to tell Alex about his cat.

No . . couldn’t do that. So I walked into his room and told him that I must not have shut the backdoor good and the cat has gotten out. He wasn’t upset, but I felt really bad. So we walked back into the kitchen so we could go look for her in the back. Walked into the livingroom and almost stepped on the cat.

No idea why she didn’t get out.

I got lucky, because we were almost catless.


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Glad the kitty didn’t get out!!!!

Comment by Fran

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