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I’m Going To Be A Little Trimmer Today
July 9, 2014, 6:52 am
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80 now. 99 later. 100+ for 5 of the next 6 days.

Real busy at work. Amazing how things fall apart at the same time. Sat down yesterday, got up maybe three times to clear my head. Then right back to the grind. Worked with 2 field techs and my vendor. Identified the problems, but didn’t actually fix anything. however, I do have replacement hardware of the way.

Watched Germany destroy hometown Brazil in the FIFA semi-finals. I caught the first 5 minutes. Brazil dominated posession time, but Germany scored on a corner kick taking a 1-0.

I made a quick trip to pick up some called-in fried rice. Got home.

The score . . . .


Not sure how the German National team knew I wasn’t watching, but they made sure I missed a lot of goals.

Got a little work to do when I get home today. Bulk pickup is Friday, but I’m busy tomorrow.

So . . .

I received a letter from the city. Seemd like one of my tree linbs is less than 7 feet above the sidewalk. So I have to fix that this evening.

That means I’ll be a little trimmer tonight.


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