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Saw The Coolest Thing
July 7, 2014, 6:18 am
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77 right now. Upper 90’s all week, 100 next Sunday. No chance of rain.

It’s summer in Texas.

Busy, busy weekend. I actually got everything on my to-do list done on Friday. Alex and I went to a park close to the house and watched fireworks coming from 4-5 different places.

They were pretty far away, but it was cool to see fireworks all around and there was no crowd.

Saturday was a mid-busy day. Got a lot of housework done.

Sunday was another outside way. Got all my mowing and trimming done, weed killer applied, gardens cleaned up.

Finished up around 14:00. Sat down for the first time. Still had lots of energy and a serious appetite. Stood up and my right lower back tightened up. Really tightened up.

An hour later I still just sitting there. Wasn’t getting better. so I went to the store and loaded up on Gatorade and bananas. Didn’t help.

Relegated myself to a do-nothing rest of the day.

Munched on deli roast beef and laid on a heating. About the time I got sleepy, my back loosened up. Too late for a walk, but it did make for a good night’s sleep. Still a little sore, but much better than yesterday.

OK, now to the cool thing.

Alex and I were on top of a small hill on the 4’th. There’s a tree filled golf course immediately to the east. We were watching the fireworks on the other side of the course.

The sky was lit up and all of a sudden we heard this whooshing noise. We watched this huge owl fly past backlit by the fireworks.

Incredible sight!


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