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July 3, 2014, 7:11 am
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75 going to 93.

We had a nice thunderstorm with a good deal of rain around 04:15.  Lots of lightning to the south, a little thunder to start my morning way too early.  🙂

I don’t think I’m going to do a lot of walking this weekend.  I have lots of yard work to do.  Even more than I had planned on.  Going to have to cut that limb that I Blogged about yesterday.

However, the new chainsaw will make cutting down a dead crape myrtle easier than I expected.

I have a new boss.  He’s young.  Never net him, so how do I know he’s young.  The guy sent out an email yesterday setting up at conference call for early this afternoon. 

Conference call the afternoon before a 3-day weekend.

Hope he learns.

Alex and I had a nice dinner with my sister and B-I-L yesterday.  They were in town to see a musical.  Always good to see family.

Going to grill some hot links, bake a couple of potatoes, and brown up some Texas toast. It’s a self-serve day at the Clark’s. 

Happy 4’th!!!






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AT&T is getting their money out of that boss. Scheduling a conference call the afternoon before a 3 day weekend ensures what those needed will be in the office for the call and not skipping out early. He may be young but he’s a company man!!

If I were in your situation – I would be saying bad words under my breath about him and consider him lucky that I was there for the call.

Enjoy your weekend…….

Comment by Fran

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