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Back To Normal
July 1, 2014, 7:39 am
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75 going to 95. Lots and lots of sun

Small chance of rain tonight and tomorrow.

For the second time in as many weeks my ankles hurt after a long distance workout. I do believe it’s time for new shoes.

Kudos to Alex. He cleaned up the house. Deep cleaned. Vacuumed and then steamed cleaned the carpet. He did a fantastic job with the carpet. Got some stains up that I really thought were permanent.

Going to try to sneak out and watch the World Cup at Buffalo Wild Wings. Going to get there early if I can. Last week was a disaster. BWW was not prepared at all for the amount of people that showed up. We had to sit on the patio. The guy who seated us brought us a beer and never came back. We left at half time. 40 people on the patio, never saw any food delieverd. A manager came out twice to take drink orders on a Post-It note pad.

Hopefully they can do better today.

Alex does have one of his friends over. I don’t his schedule. If he’s still at the house this afternoon, we may just watch the game at the house.

The wolf puppy got his shots yesterday morning. Must have affected for a while. He got home and slept with his head on my leg for a couple of hours. Woke up and was feeling good again.

Rangers lost again last night. Their pitcher gave up 2 homeruns in the first inning. 90 mph fastballs with no movement. Texas hasn’t been fun to watch most of this season.

My blood pressure was still a high and varied yesterday morning, although much better than it had been. And my heart rate was still in the 90’s which is higher than my normal low 70’s. So there was only thing to do . . .

Quick flashback . . . One of my Facebook friends posted a picture of her husband’s grill Sunday. It was loaded with 1/2 chickens, sausage, corn on the cob, and . . . ribs. I was hungry for ribs before I saw that picture. I spent all day Sunday eating Chinese, dreaming of ribs.

So . . .

I went to the grocery store and bought ribs and chickens yesterday at lunch. Spent a couple of hours smoking them.

Turned out great.

So . . .

I ate for a couple of hours. Consumed at 1/2 chicken and a 1/2 rack of ribs. Downed 3 Shiners.

An hour afterwards my blood pressure was 127 over 84. My heart rate was 72.

Yep, my body needed consistency before it returned to normal.


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Deprivation can do strange things to the body. Amazing what some ribs and beer can do……… but not a bad idea to keep an eye on that BP and HR. šŸ™‚

Comment by Fran

You ate all the Ribs,,NOT good, I was looking forward to with Fran you need to keep an eye on that BP and HR..Dont want to hear your sick again..U hear me BOY! Take Care of ur self..Besos Y Abrazos. Mi Amigo!!!

Comment by Natalie

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