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June 23, 2014, 7:07 am
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Big time downpour . . . as I needed to leave the house. Of course.

Soaked at worked.

Pretty lazy Saturday. Tried to go for a long walk, but started out late. It had already turned hot and muggy. Only put in 4.40 miles. Played Everquest the rest of the day. Was a mistake. didn’t feel well Saturday night. Too much sitting on the couch.

No walk on the Sunday either. Rained from early morning till mid afternoon. Started to play EQ, then decided not just sit there. So although I played quite a bit, I didn’t just sit there. Bench pressed light weights, but I completed a whole lot of reps. Also worked biceps and triceps.

Woke up Alex in time to watched the US World Cup. Tough game to watch at the beginning. Great mid to late game. But both Alex and I agreed that Portugal was playing way too much time in the US end towards the end of the game. I’ve never been a fan of, playing not to lose. Devastating to watch the tying goal in extra time.

I had planned to mow the yard Sunday, but the rain kept that from happening . . . until 19:30, then decided to get off my lazy butt and just get it done. Now I’m glad I did. We only had a 30% chance or rain today . . . yeah, the forecast was wrong. Huge line of heavy rains blew throug the entire Metroplex.

So my sod got mowed and watered. It’s really taking hold.

Read a financial story Friday and jumped in with a little stock purchase. The company finally fired their completely insane CEO. The stock had dropped from $15.00 to $0.60. I picked it up at $0.70. Sure would like to see the new CEO turn things around and see the stock hit just 1/2 of its high.

And that’s it for today’s blog. Always a work-busy Monday.


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