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Nothing Wednesday
June 18, 2014, 6:45 am
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78 going to 95.

but . . . a lot of morning clouds. Love that. Keeps the afternoons a little cooler.

Need to talk about things I’m going to do this week. That’s bacause I didn’t do much yesterday. I did put in almost 10 miles. That incuded my 600’th mile of the year. I’m halfway to my 1,200 year-end goal and I’m 13 days ahead of schedule.

Talked to one of the doctors at a place where Alex goes. They are pretty much psychologists. It wasn’t somuch a ‘talk about things’ session as it was a ‘explain that I can’t sleep’ session.

My PCP is very reluctant giving me sleep meds. In fact he won’t do it for his other patients. Felt kind of bad that he went farther for me. I know it make him feels uneasy.

So I needed to find a source that understood about not being able to sleep my whole life.

And this new guy helped me out. He understands about the balance of sleep and meds.

This guy had none of the reservations my PCP has.

I’ve slept good for the last two day. 🙂

Planted flowers on Sunday. I’ve had to water then twice a day since. The sun can become brutal for the new plants.

Rangers looked bad last night. Yu didn’t have a good night.

Kudos to my son. He’s gone for long walks each of the last two days.

I’ve put on 8 pounds. Can’t seem to lose it. All that exercise has increased my appetite. Guess I need to watch my caloric intake a little closer.

The wolf slept with me Monday night. He’s an amazing animal. Cat-like curiosity. Endless energy. Very playful. Hates to be scolded.

Just looking at him, the wolf part isn’t all that obvious. although my nephew’s girlfriend walked in and said, “Wow! A wolf!”

I don’t see it all that much . . .

except . . .

When he laying down and looks up at me.

Man! He’s a wolf.

No plans today, unless the soldering iron arrives from Amazon. Then I have a little water pipe work to do.


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I thought you were going to call a plumber?? Already you have bought a soldering iron and who knows what else might be needed.

“Just call the man Aunt Bea”……..

Comment by Fran

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