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Tastless Would Be An Improvement
June 17, 2014, 6:17 am
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75 to 92. Chance of rain, light clouds continue to drift by.

Alex and I watched the US beat Ghana 2-1 yeserday. I know it’s not patriotic, and a win is a win, but I didn’t think the US played good enough to get that win. I didn’t see the stat, but Ghana played in the US end of the pitch about 80% of the game. That’s not a good way to either win the game nor to protect a lead.

Those tactics won’t work against Germany.

As for Portugal, they were supposed to be good, but looked terrible against Germany. The US will get their toughest test on Thursday at 11:00 my time against a very tough looking Germany.

I usually work from my office. I sometimes work from my home. I’m thinking working from a Sports Bar on Thursday.

Back to Tasteless.

I played baseball in college.
Didn’t have a car my junior year and the first half of my senior year.

Lived in an appartment.

Grocery store about a mile away.

Had to carry my food home most of the time.
Took advantage of bumming a ride and stocked up when I could.

Such a thing happened one Thursday. Bought a bunch food caused I hitched a ride.

You’all know that I love to cook. And I’m pretty good at it. Well, this particular day I was hungry for beef-vegable soup. Didn’t have enough money for a roast, so I just bought soup bones. They pretty much just gave those away.

Put everything away. My weekend plans were set.

5:00 Friday afternoon, the baseball team took a small trip to another college for a double header. Both games went into extra innings, and there was a rain delay in the middle. Consequently, the second game didn’t end till midnight.

Kind of messed up our Friday night partying plans.

Except that one of the guys on our team knew a frat president of the college we were at. The guy was nice enough to let us use their house to take showers and clean up.

Because . . .

They were having a Frat party and we were invited.

Lasted all night. Great time.

Ended around 08:00 Saturday morning.

Coach got us all together. Yeah. he was young and cool. Partied with us. Well, as it turns out, our coach talked to their coach and since oth teams were there. the coaches arranged for a 12:00 doubleheader.

To this day, I think it was punishment.

Anyway, 100 degrees, 6 hours worht of baseball with an already dehydrated body. It was a long, long, afternoon.

Beat, drained, exhausted.

The coaches taught us….. except we were all 20-22, young and stupid.

So, we decided to get back at the coaches. We all went ot the Frat house. Showered, slept for a coupe of hours then went to the Frat’s little sister’s Saturday night party.

That was a good party.

Didn’t get back home till 10:00 pm Sunday.

Crashed. burned, went to class at 10:00.

Lots of studying to catch up on, baseball practice all week…..

Well, beef soup kind of got lost in the bustle.

Now, here’s why I could afford tha apartment where I lived. Mine as upstairs at the end of the building. That would be the apartment adjacent to the connected trash area.

Yeah, it got fragrant at times, but it was very affordable.

The week goes by; busy, busy week. Got home and had a message that my grandfather had passed away. Borrowed a car, drove to Longiew to pick up my brother at 03:00 Satuday morning. Drove non-stop to St. Louis to make the viewing. Crashed on my grandparent’s floor. Woke up, went to church, was a pall bearer, spent hours at the following wake.

Left St. Louis around 10:00pm so I could get my friend’s car back to him. Made it back just in time for class.

Slept for a couple of hours then ball practice and studies. It was like that for the next couple of weeks.

Pretty munched survived on Jack In The Box for a month straight.

Summer time, next to all that garbage, it became kind of rank. Complained to the apartment people. They said it was in code.

The stench just kept getting worse and worse. Maint guy tried to help, but it wasn’t getting better.

OK, kind of learned to live it for an other week.

Finally went out for another weekend baseball game. Got home Sunday and the smell was terrible. But it just didn’t matter, I was starved.

So I started hunting through my fridge. In the back, underneath a bunch of non-perishable stuff were my . . . .

month and a half old soup bones. Yep, found the cause of that smell that was worse than the garbage bins. Much, much worse.

And to continue with that ‘worse’ thing……. I opened the bone pakage. In my whole life . . . and ever since, never again saw the color those bones had turned. and hopefully . . .
I’ll never see it again.


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On that same note….when the refrigerator went out in the old house…my friend had a ham and turkey in the freezer. She forget…didn’t come back to the house for a week. Yeap….that’s right, they were about to explode!!! The house reeked for well over a week and they exploded in the trash can about 5 minutes after she put them there…..I actually gagged as soon as I smelled it!

Never again!!

Comment by Nikki

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