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Very Unappetizing
June 16, 2014, 6:59 am
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75 going to 90. Parlty cloudy. Same forecast for the next 7 days.

Had a pretty good weekend. A very nice walk/run on Saturday. Didn’t do a whole lot afterwards. The best part about this run was, I was beat. I mean beat. I tried to run some of the last mile, couldn’t do it.

First time I exhausted my muscles before I lost breath control. That’s a big improvement. I did find out that I need to work on hills. The one at the 5+ mile mark wiped me out.

Last week I was really sore following my walk/run. Wasn’t nearly so bad yesterday, and just to make sure . . I went for – just a walk. Just a plain ol’ walk. Didn’t care about time. Just a nice relaxing walk.

But, normal – relaxing, and I don’t get together very often.

Started my walk. My app updates me every 5 minutes. My first update said, Time: 5 minutes. Distance: 0.69 miles.

Nope! Nope! Not even close.

The GPS messed up somehow. I was about 0.30 miles at 5 minutes. Kind of messed me up knowing that this walk distance and pace was going to be wrong, but what the heck, is was just for loosening and relaxing anyway.

The second through fifth miles averaged right at 17 minute miles which was what I was aiming for.

The path goes past the Richardson Women’s Riding Club. That makes for a nice, relaxing walk.

3/4 of the way home, I’m walking towards an extremely small intersection. Little private road ending at the main road that I’m walking. A little gray-haired old lady is driving. We’re approaching the intersection simultaneously. She’s not slowing down. She looks my way – to her left – and checks traffic. There is none. And there’s no doubt in my mind that she looked right past me with out seeing me.

So I stop and watched her make her right turn without ever slowing down. No problem, she issed me by a good 2 feet. She looked again as she passed me. This time she saw me. I just waved and smiled. She smiled back.

Usually that would have bothered me, but not yesterday. Afterall, it was just a nice, relaxing walk.

About a 1/2 mile from house I walking the sidewalk with nobody around. No cars. I have the sidewalk to myself. The houses are set well off the road.

I’m listening to Fran’s recommended IHeart radio station and CCR’s Who’ll Stop The Rain comes on.

Well . . . I’m crank it up and sing along. Not mumbling with it. Not quietly humming along. I’m a sangin’.

About halfway through song, I hear this loud pop!

Oh man, somebody didn’t like me disturbing their Sunday morning and shot me.


I look up and across the street, the high power lines are going crazy. Crackles and sparks down shooting the line for 3 poles. That’s a lot of sparks and crackling.

Lasted about an hour and a half . . . or so it seemed. Probably closer to 5 seconds. The wires were swiging crazily for a good long time afterwards.

The only thing I saw around the lines was a bird calmly flying away.

Got home and felt refreshed. Those nice, long walks sure can be relaxing.

Oh, for the misleading title, I changed my mind. That story can wait a day. You really don’t want to start your week thinking about . . .

Well, you’ll understand.


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Sounds like you were on the move more than you were home this weekend. Those are some good walks you take. Glad you made the walk safely – from the lady and the wires.

I thought you might like that station. Glad you are enjoying.

Comment by Fran

You make me smile every day!!

Comment by Nikki

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