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And That’s The Reason
June 12, 2014, 6:54 am
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79 going to 92. Light sprinkles floating around the DFW area. There’s a 60% chance of thunderstorms later om.

The Rangers won last night against the Marlins. And the Marlins lost.

Doesn’t make any sense? Or Redundant?

Let me exlpain.

Sometimes you get beat. And sometimes you beat yourself. The Marlins played really bad defense yesterday that resulted in then giving up enough runs to get beat. Hence, they beat themselves.

The Rangers ended a 4-game losing streak with Yu Darvish throwing a complete game, 10 K shutout.

So, the Marlins actually lost twice last night. They beat themselves and the Rangers beat them

I had 2 toilets that needed their fill valve replaced. No problem. I’ve done that dozens of time.

Fixed Alex’s first. Took about 5 minutes. Smooth as silk.

I was alomst finished with mine when I heard a snap – a metalic snap. The flexible metal pipe from the water feed to the toilet broke. Yep, broke. That would be the metal pipe that’s soldered to the water pipe.

I have no way to fix.

Going to have to call a plumber.

And that happens everytime I try to fix something. I either can’t find the right tool, or something messes up. Been like that my whole life.

And that’s the reason . . .

I call a pro to fix things around my house.


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Reminds me of an episode of Andy Griffith and the freezer that was going bad and Andy kept telling Aunt Bea – “Just call the man”.

Comment by Fran

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