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Me And MN Have A Thing
June 9, 2014, 7:12 am
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65 and showers with more rain forecasted through tonight.


Went for my Saturday walk. Those are my long ones. I try to put in 10+ miles.

However, I also have shorter goals. One of them is surpassing my 2 hour distance record of 7.01 miles. That happens to be a 17:01 pace. I decided instead of distance, I was going time/distance. That way I could incorporate the little bit of running that I’ve been doing. Started off a little slow, 16:05 pace, but then I picked it up by running some during each of my miles.

I blogged about consistency. Well, I did it again. Miles 2,3 and 7 were 4:17, 4:17, and 4:18. Mile 6 was a little slower, about 14:37.


Mile 5 was 13:59. Sounds good, but I cheated a little. The first 4 miles were a slow, but pretty steady incline. Mile 5 had a 0.5 mile downhill grade. I jogged the whole 1/2 mile.

Anyway, I wound up with a 14:37 pace for 8 miles. That’s 8.19 miles in 2 hours. Beat my previous 2-hour record by 1.18 miles.

Not bad, not bad at all. But it did make for a fairly lazy Saturday afternoon.

I talked to a guy that was slowly walking the neighborhood street yesterday. He had bypass surgery a couple of months ago. I congratulated him on the 3-lap rehab that he was doing. Then I mentioned I had the same surgery about 9 months ago and that I’ve come back a whole better than I was before. I think I helped his attitude as he watched me mow the front yard and carry 8 50-pound bags of mulch.

Sunday demonstrated how my timing has begun to return.

Started off badly. Went to Home Depot around 07:30. They don’t open till 8:00. 6:00am all the other days. So I decided to do my grocery shopping. Walked into the store, bought some stuff and walked out just as a downpour ended. Pretty good timing considering I didn’t even know it had been raining.

Dropped by Home Depot and picked up some more stuff. That got me home just in time to start tilling the area I was going to lay the sod that I bought Friday. The ground was pretty hard and the day was getting hot. But then a light shower came through. Just enough to soften the dirt and keep me cool. Couple of people drove by as I was working in the rain. They seem to have thought it odd that I was tilling in the rain. Then the contactor guy who lives behind me drove past with a thumbs up. He knows.

Just as I finished till the rain stopped. That made it easy to lay the sod.

Rested a little bit, then decided I should mow. Another shower changed my mind. Didn’t bother me at all. I was still a little beat. The shower didn’t last long, but I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen so I continued with that chore. It took me about 1.5 hours which just happened to be enough time for the grass to dry.

Time to mow.

That’s when the clouds came back over. But these weren’t rain clouds. These were, hide the sun and keep the temps cool while I mow, clouds.

Sun came out about 30 minutes after I finished.

Worked out real well.

I looked at the new sod. It was still wet from the rain. No need to water. I’ll soak it in the morning.

Rained a quite a bit this morning – no need to water. Going to rain the rest of the day. Perfect for my newly laid sod.

Yep, I do believe, Me and Mother Nature have a thing going on.


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