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June 5, 2014, 6:51 am
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75 going to 96.  96 again tomorrow.  A little cooler Sunday with a chance of rain through Wednesday.


My mini-fridge was supposed to show up yesterday.  It didn’t.   First time ever an Amazon order failed to show up as expected.  The fridge did ship from an independant supplier.  I may have to rip them a little so Amazon can see if this is a pattern. 

Worked from the house yesterday so I could be there when the fridge arrived.  I usually can sneak in a little housework or yardwork. but not yesterday. 

AT&T employees don’t call each other any more.  We IM one another.  Kind of peculiar if you think about it, at least for us older employees who grew up with AT&T being only a phone company.

Anyway, seems like every time I tried to sneak out to get some housework done, I’d get an IM.  OK that’s part of my job, but I must have gotten 10 of them yesterday for a different Gary Clark.  Guess he had something big going on.

The Rangers lost last night.  A couple of the starters were rested and it showed.  Texas had a rookie on the mound.  He threw way too many pitches up in the zone.  The Rangers also had a rookie start at short.  He made 2 errors including missing a pop up.  Yeah.  A fairly easy pop up and he completely missed it.  Both of his errors led to runs. 

I did get some more of my island garden planted.  The island is a raised oval area near the corner of my property.  I kind of let that go over the last couple of years also.  But I’ve just about got cleaned up and looking good.

Amazing how much work I can do when my heart gets enough blood.  🙂

Other than that it was a fairly boring day.

Going to try to make it to a wing place to watch the NBA finals game 1 tonight.  Guess it kind of depends if the fridge shows up. 


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