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But Will I Be Able Keep It?
June 4, 2014, 7:00 am
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Mid-70’s to mid-90’s, but now with a chance of rain starting Sunday.

Really busy at work yesterday. But the day went by in a hurry.

I needed to mow my front yard yesterday – didn’t do it.
I needed to stop by Home Depot – didn’t do it.
I need to go out tonight – probably won’t do it.

However . . . I did put 10+ miles on my pedometer.

I had a routine echocardiogram yesterday. Not quite what I expected. They used a machine instead of hollering, “Hello!”

I came across a saying that I like, “Don’t let your sense of morality prevent you from doing the right thing.” Subtle and devious all at the same time.

I was up kind of late last night. Pretty much was bored. And when I’m bored I do 1 of 2 things. I either cook or I eat. Hmmm, actually, I usually do both. Anyway, last night I put a pot of ham and beans on the stove. Cooked them for a couple of hours, then let them sit on the stove over night. The pot was still a little warm this morning. They’ve been simmering for another couple of hours. I just tossed in some corn. The house is smelling good.

I signed up for Amazon Prime last year. You know, free shipping, 2-day delivery.

Well, I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of that deal. For instance, I had a fan delivered yesterday. I sleep with a fan next to my head and the old one was wearing out. Did a little research and decided on a particularly powerful one . . . or so they said. Turns out they were right. I could fly a kite a good sized kite with this fan.

The only negative comment I had read was that it was noisy. And indeed it is. Lots of white noise which is just what I was after. Slept real good last night.

I give it 2 thumbs up. The wolf slept with me last night. He gives the fan 2 paws up.

Continuing with the Amazon story, I have a mini-fridge coming today. One of Alex’s friends brought his over when he stayed with us. It came in real handy for drinks. So I decided to get one. 4.5 cubic feet, so actually it’s a good sized mini. Should be big enough to keep all the beer and soda.

But there is a problem. Ever since Alex was a little kid, he has wanted a mini-fridge in his room. Wouldn’t surprise me if I woke up one morning to find the fridge missing from the kitchen.


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