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Test Today
June 3, 2014, 6:32 am
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75 going to 95 with lots of sun. Repeat for the next 6 days.

Got to work yesterday and couldn’t log in to the Company LAN. Kept getting a passcode error. Odd, I’ve been successfully using that passcode for months.


Maybe there’s a problem with the building’s wireless network. Went home and used my DSL with an ethernet connection. Same problem.

Back to work.

Finally gave up and call IT desktop support.

Now I’m all for people all over the world having jobs, but when I call for help I really need to understand what they’re saying. And let’s just say, yesterday was a challenge.

I explained that I could not connect to the Company LAN. I’m getting a, bad passcode, error.

Dest Top – Go to this web site.
Me – I can’t connect to the LAN.
Desk Top – That’s OK, going to this web site will fix it.
Me – I can’t get to the website because I have to get there via the LAN.
Desk Top – Try typing this web site in your browser.
Me – Sigh, OK….. Won’t connect.
Desk Top – Did you type the address in correctly.
Me – Sigh, Yes, I typed it in correctly, but I can’t connect because I can’t log into the LAN.
Desk Top – Try connecting to the LAN.
Me – Same Passcode error.
Desk Top – Let me check something. OK, go to this website.

And on. And on. And on.

Desk Top finally added another support group on. I explpained my issue again. The new support understood and told the first DT person that the trouble is theirs and they should be able to fix it.


The second person did say something in passing that may help.

So . . .

I thanked both DT people. The second one said, goodbye.

The first one said, “If you’re still having problems. send me an Instant Message.”

That would be the Instant Messaging service that resides on the company website that’s available only through the company LAN.

Double Sigh.

Hung up and waited 10 minutes and called back. Talked to someone that know what was going on. Fixed in less than 3 minutes.

Problem started at 07:15. Problem fixed at 8:55.

I have a regular checkup with my Cardio guy this morning. Actually, I’m not seeing him, I’m being run through a battery of tests. The tests include treadmill stress. Been studying for this test. I should pass it with flying colors.


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Probably a good thing your doc appt is today and not yesterday – not sure how that BP would have been. That kinda thing makes me want to pop a cork!!!!

You should do well on the stress – hope everything is good.

Comment by Fran

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