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Mystery Solved
June 2, 2014, 10:28 am
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81 going to 93. We’re getting back into Summer, mid-70’s to mid-90’s with little chance of rain for the next 7 days.

Didn’t rain as forecasted yesterday. But that’s OK. I didn’t get a chance to put out any new sod Friday. They were out. The owner told be they would have more Saturday. Didn’t matter. That place is nuts on Saturday mornings with all the landscaping people getting trailerfull of sod.

The guy said he was getting more today too. I may take a little trip later on.

Weekends are feast or famine at the Clarks. Usually feast, but I didn’t feel like cooking – no sleep Friday night. So we went to the Chinese store that has the big lobsters. It was another feast weekend. These lobsters were even bigger than the ones I posted pictures of.

I Facebook’d about not sleeping Friday night. And I mean no sleep. No naps, no dozed off. Eyes wide open. I played solitare on my phone from 23:00 to 06:30 non-stop. Yep, 7 straight hours which was kind of odd. I usually bet bored after 30 minutes or so. (Hint #1)

Couldn’t understand why. I wasn’t sleepy. All day Saturday I wasn’t sleepy. Didn’t get tired until 20:00 Saturday night.

Sunday . . . I figured out why.

I’ve been out of Ambien for a couple of weeks. Alex had a doctor’s visit last week. He picked up some sleep helpers. I’ve borrowed a couple – I know, I know. But I borrowed a couple anyway.

We keep all of our medicine in the same cabinet. Friday night I borrowed a Temazepam so I could fall asleep. It’s a peach colored tablet. 30 minutes later, not only was I not getting sleepy, I felt re-energized. (Hint #2)

Sunday I reached into the medicine cabinet, on the far left where the sleep meds are. I opened it up and the color looked a little off. Something that I didn’t notice Friday night. (Hint #3)

Then I noticed a bottle next to the one I thought were sleep meds. So I looked at that – Temazepam??????? That’s the sleep med.

Then what the heck did I take Friday night? I opened the bottle I was holding.

An orange table.

Seems I got my fruit mixed up.

Instead of sleep help, I took 30mg of . . . . . .

Mystery of the no-sleep night solved!


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Shaking my head…….

Must teach you the 5 Rights of Drug Administration
1. Right Patient
2. Right Drug
3. Right Dose
4. Right Route
5. Right Time

Seems those first two were a little skewed.

Comment by Fran

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