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May 29, 2014, 7:56 am
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Sunny, warm, chance of rain.

Best workout ever. A lot of miles plus some running.

A little backgound.

We had school olympics in 7’th grade. I won the sprints, all of them.
Same thing in 8’th grade.

Varsity hurdler as a sohpomore.

Held the stolen bass record for Longview’s top 18 and under team for 20 years.

I could fly.

But over the years I ran less and ran slower. Quite simply, I have been able to run for over a decade.

Two days ago I challenged myself and ran that mile I blogged about. Really had to push, but it felt really good.

I twice tried running another mile yesterday. Once I interrupted, the other time I started off too quickly and ran out of breath after 1/2 mile. Kind of disappointed, but I did have a good pace going. By then I already had 10+ miles on my pedo.

I started walking again after a short break, but it boring. So I decided to add a little running. The small area that I have marked off for my runs is only 0.05 miles long. So I walked a lap, then ran a lap. I eventually had to change that to run 1, walk two in order to catch my breath.

The runs were pretty good, then I decided to really push. That’s when I found that I still have it. My runs were fast. Very fast. Looked at my refelection while I running; Arms pumped, legs moved, but the rest of my body was rock solid. My head never moved. No up and down movement at all. That makes for a smooth run. I probably ran 10 of those 0.5 mile laps.

I hesitate to use exhilerating (sp?), but felt good to sprint. Really, really good.

Finished my exercise feeling good about myself!

Got home and did my best not to sit down. Finally had a seat while eating dinner. And it was all over for me. My legs were tired. Extremely tired. Kicked back , had dinner, a beer and didn’t do anything the rest of the night.

Problem was I wasn’t sleepy. Couldn’t fall asleep. My mind was still pumped. Probably put on another couple of miles tossing and turning last night.

Today . . . I’m beat.


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