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Came Close
May 27, 2014, 7:13 am
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66 going to 85. Decent chance of rain through Sunday. That’s unusual for this time of year especially with the highs never getting into the 90’s. Defintely going to get some more sod this week.

Got a lot done Friday. In fact I completed all the work that I had planned for Saturday. That left my Saturday almost free. Took my shepherd to the park early Sadurday morning. We were there a good 1/2 hour. Got home, watered her and put her outside. Guess that got my blood flowing, so I went out for a walk.

And it was a good walk, Pushed myself the whole time. 10 miles in 2:45. It averaged out to mid 16 minute miles. Not bad.

But I really wanted to walk 13.3 miles to beat my current record of 13.21. Unfortunately, I started a little late and it started getting hot about 2 hours into the walk. And even worse, I started chafing in my upper thigh region. I believe I could have worked through the heat, but the chafing got pretty bad, so I headed home.

Kind of looked thuggy dragging one leg and holding onto my groin once I got home. 2 thumbs up to Gold Bond. That seemed to help a lot.

Worked around the yard a little Saturday evening. By 19:00, I was beat. Laid down on the air mattress, but my back was bothering me. Rolled around till I found the perfect spot. Fell asleep. and I slept and slept. Woke up in the middle of the night half on/half off the mattress. Kind of rolled completely on the bed and fell right back to sleep.

12 hours later I woke up for good. 12 $%$%#%#@ hours. Can’t remember that happening ever . . . I mean non-alcohol related. πŸ™‚

Sunday was pretty lazy. Piddled a lot.

Monday was a finish up the yard day. I had just a few things left to do. But first, a walk in the woods with my shepherd.

But . .

It started sprinkling. Every time I started working, it rained. Finally gave up and watched the Rangers win. Then watched Indy lose.

Reviewed my to-do list this morning. I came close. Very close to completing it. And the 8 loads of clothes was a plus. Speaking of clothes, boxed a few things up to drop off at Goodwill, threw some stuff away. . .

and . . .

found a hospital gown. Washed and dried it before I realized what it was. I was going to trash, but then decided . . .

hmmmm . . .

I think I’ll keep it case some wants to play nurse with me. πŸ™‚


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Everyone should have their very own hospital gown. You just never know…….

Comment by Fran

Your last comment made me smile!

Comment by Nikki

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