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May 19, 2014, 7:23 am
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Mid-60’s to upper-80’s for the next 7 days. Perfect.

3 days of wildflower festival. Weather was perfect.

The Journey cover band ranked fairly high of the 5 bands that I watched. Fog Hat was by far the best. They rocked the place. I was never a big Cheap Trick fan, but the couple of songs that I knew rocked. Same with Joan Jett. A lot of her music sounds the same, but her hits, dare I say, rocked.

Loverboy was interesting. The lead singer used to be super hot, aged into kind of a creepy looking old guy. Thus said my sister who joined us for the weekend.

I even accompanied one of my non-same-gendered friends to the festival on Sunday. The last day is Country/Western day. Not big into that, but what one does for non-same-gendered friends. Mid-80’s and lots of sun brought out a lot of tanktop’d, short-short, boot wearing girls. It’s an interesting look.

The first gut up was Jack Ingram. I thought he was just OK. The band wasn’t very tight. The guitar player was really good. He had potential; lightning fast, but seemed to be held back by the pace of the other musicians.

Lonestar closed the festival. Their stuff was OK. The lead singer did a lot of talking to the crowd. Most times I really don’t care for that, but he pulled it off. The drummer was from the town adjacent to the south of me. The keyboardist from the town adjacent to the north, so it was kind of cool to see local boys doing well. But they also played some rock songs: Get Back, another that escapes me for the moment, and a medley of ZZ Top-Kiss-and several other bands that I like. That was great. Their last song was written for the dad of the lead singer. A kind of coming of age and realizing how good of a man his dad really was. He dedicated it to the service men and woman of the US. The lyrics and accompanying video really took hold of the crowd. Lonestar did a nice job.

The highlight of the festival was the little curly haired girl playing and dancing next to me. 2.5 hours of joy. I complimented her dad after the shows. Told him that he must be a great parent.

Last week I had some ex problems. I really, really needed a break from that. The festival could not have come at a better time. Three days. Three whole day of fun and I never once looked back to last week.

It was . . . perfect!


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So glad you had a good time at the festival and put last week behind you. That’s where it should stay!!!!

Enjoyed the videos you posted of the bands. There were some good acts there. Lonestar was a very popular country bad several years ago. They really haven’t done much at all lately but they had some good stuff. A lot of folks don’t put country on their radar list – but I find it interesting that some really great musicians are found in many country bands. Keith Urban is one of the best guitar players around – whether he’s holding an electric that he can make scream or just doing an acoustic set.

Loved the video of the little girl. Kinda reminded me some of my little great niece. She loves to dance and twirl. Funny how the innocence of a child can make the world look so different. It’s a shame that adults can’t have moments like the little girl and just enjoy life. Might make each day a little better.

Comment by Fran

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