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May 11, 2014, 2:10 pm
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Why would a mom choose the day before Mother’s Day to further alienate her son? Then follow it up today to make matters worse, if that is now even possible.

I will never understand some people’s thought processes. Especially when…. Well, that’s tomorrow’s blog.

Update. Just got back from the Richardson police department. Seems like after Alex told his mom just to leave him alone, he got a text from someone saying they were going to kick his ass. That was followed by a profanity laden voice mail from the same number saying they have a gun and an open carry license. The great policeman explained what he could and couldn’t so. He’ll be helping us out as much as he can.


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Oh my gosh. Sounds like a horrible case of the ‘bad penny” that really won’t go away. You and Alex stay strong – which I know you can do. Thoughts/prayers for both of you.

Comment by Fran

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