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The Weatherman Better Be Right
May 8, 2014, 7:09 am
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73 going to only 76. Sunny and warm for the weekend.

Went out yesterday as my Facebook page described. I went to the Texas Roadhouse a number of times before, but not in the last couple of years. It’s situated across the street from Buffalo Wild Wings. So every time Alex and I went out to eat wings, we drove right past the Roadhouse.

Well, the temptation got to be too much. They don’t open till 4:00, so I couldn’t satisfy the hunger till then. Made for a long afternoon. Got to the restaurant around 4:20 and stayed till 6:00; ate the whole time.

And the steak was delicious. This is one of those places where you pick out your own cut of meat. I chose a 23 ounce porterhouse, medium rare. It was cooked just right. Tasted incredible. It was a little stringy in places, but I kind of like that. That allows me to chew a little longer so the flavor of the steak lingers. And I did savor it. Little bites, long time munching on it.

I brought the ribs back home to Alex. He said they were great. They were indeed fall-off-the-bone.

It was a completely enjoyable outing. Even more so, because there were additional sublevels? Subplots? Sub . . . something or other. Found out what I wanted know which only enhanced experience regardless of what the symbolism may have inferred.

The NFL draft begins this evening. Cowboys have the 16’th pick, but in 20 of the 25 drafts that Jerry Jones has been involved with, he’s traded for a different spot. So Alex and I will be sitting back munching on wings and waiting to see what the Boys will do.

It’s supposed to rain today. Supposed to rain all day. Just looked at the radar. Huge band of rain clouds just to the west, but they’re going north and I don’t think we’ll get any rain from those clouds. There are also another big band of showers forming to the south of DFW, but it looks like they’re heading east of us.

Sure would hate to miss the rain. I’m counting on some heavy showers to soften up the ground in my from yard. That would make this weekend’s tilling a whole lot easier. I’ve got a bunch of sod to purchase and plant this weekend.

So the weatherman better be right about the rain.


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JUst curious – doesn’t y our grass last from year to year? Seems like a lot of work to till up grass, purchase sod (which is very expensive here) and then plant it. My grass just goess from year to year.

Comment by Fran

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