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I Meet The Most Unusual People
May 7, 2014, 7:09 am
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A windy 71 going to 91. Been windy for a couple of days. Weatherman still calls for rain tomorrow.

Went to Kroger yesterday. Got in the checkout like behind a rail thin 70 something year old woman. I asked if I could help unload her cart. Told her I try to do one good deed a day for a stranger.

She thanked me and commenced to tell me:

I’ve helped her out more than her husband has in years.

I yell at him all the time.

He’s going to be mad at me for getting frozen yogurt cause he’s diabetic and can’t control himself – the big, fat pig.

The doctor told him to lose some weight or he will die – would bother me at bit.

That was about the time she finished checking out. I wished her a fine rest of the day as she left.

I sure run into a lot of . . . . interesting people.


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Strangers can be the best people to unload on. Thank goodness she had few groceries or there was a fast checker in the line. Who knows what was coming next. Must be that infectious smile and pearly whites that grab them. (as seen in your me-me from the other day) 🙂

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