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Going to Make It a Busy Week
May 5, 2014, 7:56 am
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93 with lots of sun today, 90 Tuesday and Wednesday. Good chance of rain on Thursday with a possibility of thunderstorms Friday which will work out real well for what I have planned.

Happy National Nurse’s Week!!!

I laid sod Saturday morining. Tilled the area up first. Been watering since. Hope the grass takes. Afterward I cleaned up underneath a live oak tree groing adjacent to my house. Live Oaks are like Cypress trees in that they have spreading roots that spawn new trees. So, I dug up a couple of hundred 3 foot sprouts. OK, maybe 50 of them, just seemed like a lot more than that. Spent a long time using my axe and bent over. My hamstrings are still complaining.

I needed to do some more yard work Sunday, but I also needed to go for a long walk. I decided on the walk. Kind of wandered aimlessly through the park area next to my house. My GPS said I started off real slow for the first mile. Not sure that was correct. But the other 7 were pretty good. Wound up averaging 17 minute miles which is close to my goal for extended walks.

A Mexican grocery store opened up fairly close to the house. And it’s right next to a Big Lots. So after my walk I picked up some chicken, drinks, watermelons and other snacking foods. On my way back to my car I saw a lady put groceries in her vehicle. Loaded up . . . her back seat. But she did it differently. Instead of putting the bags on her seat, she put them in a couple of plastic storage containers. I complimented her on the idea. Going to steal that one.

Hopped over to Big Lots and loaded my trunk with potting soil and mulch to go around the sod I put down. That gets spread out today.

Got home and put 3 chickens on the grill. For me, it’s just as easy to cook three of them as it is 1/2 chicken. Good thing I did too. A couple of Alex’s friends came over and watched the Mavs game with us.

Talk about an embarrassing way to end the season. Dallas looked terrible. Fortunately, the Rangers and Yu put a hurting on the Angels 14-3.

UPS delivered my Amazon purchase on a Sunday. First time ever. I bought a small air mattress. The waterbed has been bothering my back for a while. Aired it up and slept on last night. Worked out pretty good. I’ll know better in a couple of days.

I haven’t been watching my weight lately. I try to keep it under 175. Got on the scales Saturday night – 186.

No way! Weighed again an hour later – 186. Way????

I’ve drinking a little more beer lately, and I’ve been eating a lot a watermelon, but 6-8 pounds worth?!?!?!

Woke up Sunday morning weighing 179. 7 pounds overnight. I don’t remember spending the night in the bathroom.

176.9 this morning.

Better, but not where I want to be.

So . . .

I created a to-do list on my phone.

1) Hair cut.
2) Spread potting soil.
3) Mow the front yard
4) Clean out a flower bed
5) Take out the trash

Going to be a busy day.

And . . .

If this list works out, I’m going to make one every day, which will make for a busy week.

I’m going to buy some more sod Wednesday. Let the rain soften the ground on Thursday. Till and lay the sod on Friday. So let’s hope the weatherman gets the forecast right.


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I”m tired just reading your blog. You made my lazy weekend look much worse than it was.

Comment by Fran

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