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Nyquil Dreams
April 21, 2014, 7:26 am
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64 going to 84 with a chance of rain. Mid to upper 80’s for the next 7 days.

Need to get back to my diet. And back to my walking.

Thusday Alex and I had dinner with my sister ansd b-i-l. We ate a great seafood restaurant; Pappadeux’s. I didn’t get my normal meal. Instead I chose a mixed seafood grill. It was healthier, but I had a huge amount seafood sitting on the plate.

I went out Friday night. Tried a new place; Dodie’s Seafood Grill. We sat outside on the patio.

And . . .

I had my first raw oyster. Yep, Wild Man had never had one before. I was actually serious about . . . expanding.

The crawfish that I had was good, but not like me brother’s. He cooks the bugs in seasoned water. That makes all the difference.

Afterward we ended up at an upscale bar in downtown Plano. That’s the town adjacent to where I live. They have a 6-square block historic downtown area. Lots of eateries and bars. Lots of people are always there. Not many places to park. So we drove around the square twice. Finally found a place across the street and down the block. On the way to the bar we were heading to, we saw a wedding party. After some pictures the bride and groom got into the back of a vintage Bentley and were driven off.

Nice way to travel.

After a couple of drinks, I ordered the cheese tray. Yes, with all the great fried food at the place, I ordered cheese. It was really good, smoked gouda, brie, with smoked salmon and accompanying sides.

Halfway through the cheese a big bus, and I mean big bus, stopped in front of the bar. 40-50 people exited . . .

. . . all dressed in Easter Bunny theme costumes . . . except the one hairy-chested guy who wore an open Viking fur vest.

1/2 of them walked into our bar.

And . . .

I couldn’t stand it. I have an insatiable curiosity combined with the fact that I’m not shy, I find out a lot of things.

They were part of a 4-year-old club called the Dallas Bunny Rampage. They rented a bus in downtown Dallas and went bar hopping for 6 hours. Plano was one of their stops.

Man, they had fun. I Google’d them. Sure enough . . .

Wonder if they’re taking new members? 😉

And I continued with my wild man change. After my first 8% beer, I had a Summer Gin; gin, grapefruit, and other fruit juices. Sissy drink, but it was good.

Saturday I mowed. Mowed the backyard. Mowed the side yard. Mowed the front yard. I also tilled the front flower bed. All by 12:00. The rest of the day was consumed by watching basketball. Sunday was a full sports watching day. The Rangers got ripped. The Mavs lost a game that they should have run.

I put on our ham and corn and beans around 06:00 Easter morning. They simmered all day. Cooked some cornbread. All came together really well.

Speaking of food, I slow-smoked some chicken while I mowed on Saturday. I only checked them once when I add some more mesquite. Pulled them off. And they were perfect. Man, did I luck out.

The puppy is getting big. Pretty much because he’s sharing all my food. He’s really, really good at sharing my stuff.

Couldn’t sleep last night and didn’t want to take an Ambien, so I guzzled some Nyquil. It puts me to sleep, but I usually have odd dreams. Never anything too bad, but never good. Dreamed a lot, but I can pnly remember looking for something that I couldn’t find, and watching some fireworks from a balcony. A firework shell went high into the sky then burst into 6 subshells(???) which were then supposed to explode. But they didn’t. One of them came right at me. I knew it was over. Just before the shell got to me, I thought, Dang.

Nyquil makes for bad dreams.


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Sounds like you had a good weekend – except for the Nyquil dreams.

Comment by Fran

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