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2 Down and 1 To Go
April 11, 2014, 8:15 am
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66 going to 86. Cloudy and windy. Nice all weekend long.

My favorite nursery is having a big sale tomorrow. Going to get there early and pick up a bunch of flowers. That means all weekend in the front yard. Nice!

Alex trimmed the backyard’s red-tipped photinias. He did it differently than I always have and it looks great! The only one that didn’t like there new shape is my Weim. He can’t hide from my shepherd any more.

And speaking of dogs, we’re puppy sitting for Alex’s nurse friend. And the puppy is not just a puppy, but he’s almost full bred Artic Wolf. 12 weeks old and already huge. Which makes sense because dad weighs 150 and mom goes 115.

He’s the sweetest puppy I’ve met. Smart, strong and absolutely beautiful. I’ll try to post some Facebook pictures of him. The girl’s family was putting up a new fence to keep the puppy, but her dad is a baker and got injured at work. Alex’s friend showed my son the picture of his injure finger. Nasty. Bone cut all the was through. Finger hanging on by the skin.

We may be keeping the puppy longer than expected. Could be a while before dad starts to fence.

Saw 2 doctors yesterday. Both of them gave me the thumbs up. The Endo increased my Lipitor just because of my history. So, all I have left is my Cardio. I see him in June.


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