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Mother Marathon
April 7, 2014, 9:03 am
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50. 71 today. Upper 70’s the rest of the week with an 80 thrown in on Wednesday.

I walked 13.1 miles Friday. My longest non-stop walk. Felt really good both mentally and physically. Real tired by the end of the day. Slept like a baby. Got up ready to go for another walk . . .

but . . .

It was drizzling. Drizzled all day long. Sat down for a while and just couldn’t get going.

So . . .

I played Everquest all day. But, I don’t just play. I usually have the TV on in the background. Saturday I watched an episode of . . . How I Met Your Mother. Cool show. So I played and watched another show, and another, and another. Turned into an EQ and How I Met Your Mother marathon.

It rained all day Sunday also. But this was a, read a book, day. At least until the Rangers started at 12:20. Texas was leading the game all day long . . . until 8’th inning. They lost.

An hour later the Mavs played.

But . . .

I was tired of sitting at the house.

So . . .

I went to Austin Avenue. A sports just up the street.

The food is just OK. But, the people watching is great.

The best response to a question I heard all night was:

“Yeah, I come here every Sunday . . . occasionally.”


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