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Bottom’s Up
April 2, 2014, 6:54 am
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70 degrees going to 85. Even warmer tomorrow.

OK. Life usually balances itself out.

OK. I’m usually upbeat and positive.

But, occasionally, very seldom actually, life balances me out.

The problem, When you’re up as much as I am, bottoming out can reach pretty low.

Perfect storm of issues got to me yesterday. So there’s only one thereapy.

Munched on chicken wings and drank alcohol.

Problably consumed more than needed. Much more, especially of the latter.

12 chicken wing, a 16 ounce Shiner, followed by another 6 ouncer, followed by still another. Wasn’t close enough to the bottom that I needed to hit.

So . . .

A double Patron shot magarita with a Shiner.

Almost, but not quite.

A double Patron shot with a Shiner.

That was enough. And it lasted for a while.

But . . .

It wasn’t so much of a self-pity bottom as it was a need to kickstart myself. So I kicked my butt a couple of times which put it in gear.

Followed up on something that I’ve been wanting to arrange. Didn’t take No for an answer. (And that’s way out of character for me. Usually I go way overboard not being a pest- but that wasn’t the gear my butt was in.)

And it turned out well. Finally drew out some things I thought was true about someone else. Turned out it was good for them also. We’ll know for sure next week.

So picture me on a 3-meter spring board. Usually I’m jumping up and down a little bit, but I’m still almost 10 feet in the air. Yesterday I dove off head first. Bounced off the bottom of the pool.

And . . .

Today, I’m back on top of that 3 meter board.

Mavs lost on a buzzer beater which dropped them out of the playoff race with only a few games left.

Rangers won on a walk-off RBI be Beltre.

The Dallas Stars played hockey yesterday . . . I think . . . but don’t really care. 🙂

Supposed to rain today. Hope it does. I really need a good excuse to not mow the backyard.


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I’m sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Just saw all of those other little blogs you wrote. My assumption is you are still being required to provide some financial assistance to the ex. I thought that was all settled and you were back on the road to re-couping for yourself. Isn’t it over when the papers are signed??

Hope today is better for you and there’s nothing wrong with wings, beer and tequila at anytime!!!1

Comment by Fran

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